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Saloom Custom Dining

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Most dining furniture you find in the marketplace today is either big, fancy and formal, or cheap and uncomfortable kitchen furniture. Neither type is a good solution for your home, because neither was designed with your needs in mind. You spend a lot of time at your dining table - it is where you share meals with your family, where your kids play and do homework, where you hold family discussions, and where you entertain friends and your extended family. Shouldn’t something that is so central to your home life be versatile enough to not only look great, but to be durable and functional as well?

Saloom Furniture create tables, chairs and case pieces that are neither formal nor informal, but somewhere in-between. They are stylish, comfortable and functional. They start with high quality ingredients like solid hardwoods and premium fabrics and then add innovative materials such as granite into the mix. The result is an extensive selection of furniture that not only can be dressed up for that special occasion, but which will stand up to the rigors of daily life.